It’s about time to know your earning potential !

First, I wish you the very best to all of you for this new year,  and I named foremost HEALTH !

Know your earning potential

Project Management Salary Survey 2015

As you may know, the new year always arrived with some new informations… The Project Management Institute – PMI, just released their last salary survey. Then it’s time to know your earning potential.

The Project Management Salary Survey, Ninth Edition

For how long…?  Who knows, but for now, you have access to the most comprehensive look at the average project manager’s salary — around the world. Then Look for your respective country if interested.


You will get an overview across many variables, such as country, position, industry, years of experience, type of project, and Project Management Professional (PMP)® status.

Now you’re now in business to know your earning potential !


Enjoy your Weekend !


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